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Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 9:12 PM
Fair warning! dA keeps logging me out! Not sure what's going on. May be hacked.


Jayden relaxed in his room for a while doing his homework after he finished school for the day. He relaxed blissfully in the silence. The weather was an overcast, he couldn't hear anyone, and he was breezing through his homework. However, he realized glancing over to a black book that he has to train today as well. After a moment, he nodded to himself, rose, and went over to the book, grabbing the heavy item and putting it in his messenger bag. He grabbed a few other essentials in his room and closed the door, heading for the spot. He kept in mind for the time being that middle school were still in for the time being, so he had to find somewhere secluded to do his training. He headed towards a more unfrequented part of the campus and smiled. "This will do..." He set his bag down and focused his aura, channeling it. He then began to do a few moves to get his aura flowing.

Hayate, who sighs with relief for surprisingly having a good day for his first day, had his right paw grip his chest while he has a wooden sword in his left paw, and he looks up at the partially cloudy, yet blue sky, his long bandanna flowing to his left as he thought about what will happen the rest of day, and the rest of the school year. Slowly getting anxious, his grip on his little wooden sword becomes tighter. Realizing this, he shakes his head to snap out of it, and continue training on his own. He sets the wooden sword down, having it lean on the wall behind him, and looks around to see if there was any more students at that moment, which luckily, there wasn't. Hayate takes a few steps back, taking deep breaths as he focused, and slowly took his stance, sliding his left foot back while moving his right paw forward slightly.

Jayden, after stretching, noticed that some students were starting to gather in the vicinity. "Damn...guess this location's out." He stopped and grabbed his bag. "No matter," he said calmly. "There are other places to train." Jayden focused and then jetted off, running using Extremespeed. Though his bag slowed him down a little, he moved rapidly around, running along the walls of buildings and kept going. This is what he tends to do in order to get away and enjoy himself. He soon got to an older clearing; the one he used as a middle schooler last year. He smiled from the memory. As he looked around, he noticed a Riolu at the distance, but didn't pay him any mind, seeing he was training. He then stops and lands in the separate clearing a ways from the other individual, set his bag down, and began training, using metal claw and proceeding to practice combinations.

"...?!" Hayate's ears perk up before he takes off his bag and throws it next to the wooden sword leaning on the wall. The stupid thing keeps him off balance when he practices... He goes back into his stance, and starts off slow, with simple kicks, as a way to warm up. Next, his dark blue aura starts surrounding him as his stance changes. He imagines fighting a training dummy when he closes his eyes. Suddenly his kicks have gotten much more swift, unleashing an endless flurry of kick with his right leg.

Jayden keeps going, continuing to practice in his area. He then notices out the corner of his eye the Riolu's training hard with his kicks. "Heh..." He stopped briefly to watch. For a Riolu, he had some decent aura control, so he watched happily. "Alright...let me use that combo..." Jayden said as he turned to a tree. He then started attacking at the tree, dashing past it using Extremespeed and slicing at it with metal claw. The tree proceeded to take damage on its bark. After the claw runs, Jayden jumped, turned 180 degrees, and fired aura sphere at the tree, as if it was a target. He landed with a roll, shaking it off and grinning. "Awesome..."

Hayate quickly preforms a spinning back kick, low-mid-high kick combination with his right leg, a hook kick, an axe kick, a butterfly kick, and then a 540 kick. 'Okay...Doing good so far...Just gotta-!' As he thought in his head, he performed a Triple Aero Kick almost perfectly. However, when he did a Somersault Kick, he spun too far back. He ended falling on his butt at the end. Luckily it wasn't on his head....He stayed on the ground, breathing heavily as his aura slowly faded, mumbling to himself. "Nani...ka......huff...huff...K-...Kuso..." He lifts his head up a little, his eyes looking up, but then his ears perk up as well as his eyes widens. Is...that a Lucario he sees? Hayate rubs both of his eyes and looks again. His eyes weren't deceiving him. It was definitely a Lucario, out here training too! Hayate can't help but smile as he gets back up and fixes his clothes. He stands there, looking up as he tries to think of a way to approach the student.

"Zaai!" Jayden exerts as he proceeded to train. When he was noticed, he was training with Bone Rush, practicing multiple combinations meant to harm, incapacitate, and, if Hayate could tell, some were potentially fatal. He then tried something that was new to him. He focused hard and soon Hayate saw him break the staff into two parts, and attempted to wield them as two weapons. As he did though, they simply faded away and he held his head briefly with a growl. 

With a sigh he walked over to a tree, going into his bag, and grabbing two things: a bottle of Elixirade and his black book, opening it up and sitting down to read. "Where did I go wrong..."

Hayate was wide-eyed as he looked at the student training with bone rush. He was paying close attention to his moves, and his urge to speak with him had continued growing. He really wanted to speak with him to at least say hello, but if he doesn't speak, it will make things quite...awkward. Hayate soon gathered up the courage to actually run up to him to go speak with him, so he dashed at high speed in his direction. But halfway there, he stopped himself, stunned at his own thoughts. 'What...if this person doesn't wish to speak to me?...What if I seem a bit suspicious?...I don't wanna provoke him or anything, but I don't like speaking that much...' Hayate began taking baby steps forward, those thoughts starting to haunt him as his eyes were closed, trying to think of good thoughts. 'H-he can't be that bad....can he? He...seems like a hard worker and a good person....but...'

Jayden was walking in circles slowly, reading the book, trying to figure out where he went wrong in his technique. He didn't notice the Riolu getting closer to him. "Let's see...was it my concentration?" he asked himself. "Maybe the technique...or even the move was just not" He was focused on trying to figure out the problem. The thing he decided to do was calm down and set the book down. "Let me focus..." I inhale, exhale and began to focus, breathing in and out slowly and controlled, causing my aura to flow.

Hayate had his eyes closed tightly as he tried to shut the thoughts out of his head. But he was so lost in thought that he wasn't paying much attention to where he was going, and eventually got too close to him. The moment he made physical contact with the student was the time he freaked out. He opens his eyes in confusion and looks up, before suddenly, falling back down to the ground, tripping on his own feet as he tried to back away. "A-ah-?!  Watashi wa - watashi wa mōshiwakearimasen!"

Jayden was meditating a bit before feeling someone bump into him. His eyes shot open and he got up immediately, onto his feet in a fighting position. However, he then noticed the Riolu on the ground and sighed, calming down. His eyes changed from red with anger, to orange with interest. Surprised to hear that he was speaking Japanese, He clearly understood him and nodded. "Sore wa kekkōdesu." He raised a paw up at the same to emphasis what he said. "Who are you?" he asked, tilting his head. "And...why did you run into me?"

Hayate looked up at Lucario in surprise with a side of shock.  He had no idea he can speak japanese either. He got up quickly, almost forgetting what the student just asked, and bows to apologize. "S-sorry. My name is Hayate Miterashi. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going...and..." Hayate looks away in embarrassment. Thinking too much at how idiotic he was, not paying any attention to where he was going. 

Jayden observed the Riolu. To be honest, he never did train as hard as he just did as a Riolu because he was only one till he was 6. He did martial arts but not any training like what the Riolu was doing. He nodded and offered a paw. "My name's Jayden Cross...and it's okay. We all make mistakes at times. I'd be damned if I didn't make them." He smiled a little friendly. "Miterashi, huh? Your name sounds familiar...but I can't remember from where. Anyway, you're fine. Don't worry about it."

Hayate's ears perk up when he turns back around, looking at Jayden's paw. Wow....he really is friendly...Hayate grabs the paw while looking up at the Lucario. What was he thinking? He isn't a bad doesn't seem that hard to become friends with this student. He smiled a little as well as he nods. "..Pleased to meet you Jayden..." Wow...he's powerful and friendly. This should be an interesting school year.

Jayden let's go. "What grade are you in? How old are you? " He asked, crossing his paws casually. He wasn't normally this friendly with anyone unless he knew him. It briefly confused him, but he remained friendly.

Hayate blinks at the sudden questions. "...9th grade.....And I'm 13 years old..." He turns back around after realizing that his stuff it still leaning on the wall, back where he trained last. "....Wait a minute." He dashes back to grab his wooden sword and bag, before running back to Jayden. Luckily he remembered it was there before he left the area. He really would've be in trouble if he left it there. "Phew....well, what about you?" Hayate tilts his head, curious as well, while looking up at Jayden. He was happy to get the chance to make a friend with someone on his first day.

Jayden nodded, humored. Both of them were in the same grade and he was just a year older! He was about to say so, but he ran of before he could. While he was getting his stuff, Jayden sat down waited patiently. On his return and question, he said, with a chuckle. "14 years old and 9th grade."

Hayate blinks. "W-we're in the same grade?!" And yeah...he is a year older then him. Looking around, then back up at the sky, he turns back around after he bows, about to leave. "W-well, sorry for...bumping into you...I'll see ya later..." Takes 2 steps forward before finally turning back around, and walking back to Jayden, looking a bit hopeful. "U-um...D-do you think you and I could probably train here? You...seem more experienced...well, you are more experienced in battle than I... I'm still trying my best to ready myself for battle...just in case, anything was to happen....well, as you can see..." Shakes his wooden katana to emphasize his point.

Jayden nodded in confirmation. "It's fine. Nice too meet you Hayate." He waved as he walked off. He was about to resume training but saw him return with his plea. Jayden listen and crossed his arms. He was flattered, being asked to teach someone how to fight. "Well..." he smile slightly. He was going to say yes then he spotted something. His eyes changed as he stared at it briefly before getting worried. "Shit!" He exclaimed and grabbed his bag, then Hayate's paw, running with him.

Hayate's eyes widened when he seen Jayden smile. Was he gonna say yes? Could this really be happening?!... however, when Jayden's expression went from happy, to suddenly being completely worried, Hayate's expression followed suite. When Jayden grabbed Hayate's paw, his ears twitch in confusion. Then he ended up running beside Jayden as he had a tight grip on Hayate's paw." w-waah?! W-where are we going?!" What the heck is happening? Did he notice something wrong? Hayate continued to think as he turned his head to see if he could see what Jayden had noticed.

"Somewhere safe!" was Jayden's only reply as he continued to pull Hayate away from that area. He knew what the threat was, but he simply couldn't tell Hayate. It would mean he'd be in on it, and if he's in on it, then the secret could be out! That's the last thing he need! Jayden sprinted away from the area and to the highschool dorms. He stopped, catching his breath. "Listen," he stammered. "Get somewhere safe and stay there." With that, Jayden ran off, leaving Hayate there.

Hayate blinked when he was told to go somewhere safe. "Somewhere safe? W-wait, Jayden?!" Hayate reached out for him, but he had already ran off. Hayate decided to do what he was told and lay low and took him awhile to find a place to hide, but he managed to crouch and hide in a tight spot, but easy for him to slip out if he had to. But something still seemed off....What is so dangerous that he had to hide? Why would he run off like that? Oh god, there were too many questions that he couldn't take it anymore! But, he must take Jayden's words seriously. If there was something that dangerous that he was forced to hide, it might still be around. As his expression became serious, his eyes became silted, and he takes a quick peek at the area around him, trying to make sure nothing was around. He must find Jayden at all costs, and make sure he is not injured in anyway, from...whatever is the issue. But he must go on silently.

Hayate blinked when he was told to go somewhere safe. "Somewhere safe? W-wait, Jayden?!" Hayate reached out for him, but he had already ran off. Hayate decided to do what he was told and lay low and took him awhile to find a place to hide, but he managed to crouch and hide in a tight spot, but easy for him to slip out if he had to. But something still seemed off....What is so dangerous that he had to hide? Why would he run off like that? Oh god, there were too many questions that he couldn't take it anymore! But, he must take Jayden's words seriously. If there was something that dangerous that he was forced to hide, it might still be around. As his expression became serious, his eyes became slitted, and he takes a quick peek at the area around him, trying to make sure nothing was around. He must find Jayden at all costs, and make sure he is not injured in anyway, from...whatever is the issue. But he must go on silently.

Hayate quickly dashes out of the building, avoiding some kind of dark cloud that had started falling down from the school lights, and had took a humanoid shape. He still could have sworn that things like that was supposed to get blown away by the wind...Guessing that was the dangerous thing he had to hide from, he was detemined to find Jayden now. His eyes glew dimly as he tried to sense Jayden's aura. Luckily, he managed to find him, but why is he so far away?! Hayate quickly turned his head to see the dark clouds from the building he was just in, float towards him. Yep, he is not staying here. Hayate's aura, which was now light green to match his eyes, formed around his body, and he dashed off into the forest, moving faster than before by using Quick Attack for a speed boost. Well, he and Jayden is out the school, which is good....but why is he chasing Jayden through a forest? "Jayden...What the hell is this? what's going on?..."

Jayden ran through the forest, opening the man hole and going in, landing and kept running down the sewer, unaware he was followed. He didn't hear Hayate's question, or feel his presence. He soon reach a different manhole, fires am aura sphere to blow it off, and climbs out, heading to the factory.

Hayate looked down at the open manhole, and hops inside as well, landing on 2 feet and 1 paw. He looks up, then around the sewer, still keeping track on Jayden's aura, and continued dashing through. Hearing another man hole get blown away by a move, he sped up a little. He quickly climbed out of the other man hole, and looked at Jayden's direction, seeing some kind of strange building. Looks abandoned. What's so special about anything here?

He got up there just in time to see Jayden jump into the building and grab a rope. Jayden was just right ahead of him, going into the factory. The road ahead wasn't too long and he could catch up.

Hayate quickly dashed to the building as well, but then he crouches to stay hidden, not hopping down yet. After he had seen Jayden slide down the rope to the floor, he actually did something he never thought he would do in...a long time. He yelled out, "Jayden!! Wait!!!" Before flipping down, and landing on all 4's. He then stood up straight, and turned to Jayden, his eyes and aura returning to normal.

Jayden stopped in front of what looked like a service elevator. "Hayate?!" He said as he looked back. He saw the Riolu coming towards him. Where did he come from? How did he find him? Was he following me? Unfortunately, the first thing he replied with was a growl. "Didn't I tell you to get somewhere safe?! Why did you follow me?!

Hayate winced at the growl, but he was still relieved that Jayden was okay..."I-I was worried!! After those things came outta nowhere, I thought that something might have happened to you! I...traced your aura here....and I'm sorry....but-...." Hayate's ears perked up, as he turns his head to the entrance. "......." His eyes became slitted again as he turned back to Jayden, however, he remained silent. He had questions for him too, but it might wanna wait. He felt a chill go down his spine, and it had something to do with those..things back up there. Hayate had the feeling that he was being followed as well, and it was probably those things that followed.

Jayden stared at Hayate strictly until he heard "those things came outta nowhere". His eyes changed from red, to light blue radically. "You were attacked?!" He started. After a moment, he calmed himself and said, "And you came looking for me to make sure I was okay..." He didn't see much of a way around it now. I mean, Hayate was already in the factory, he was attacked, and he cared for Jay's safety. It seems he deserves to know. After a pensive tedious silence, Jayden replied. "Alright. I'll tell you what's going on...but you have to promise this. Promise that you won't tell a soul about what I'm about to tell you unless you feel it's necessary...come on." He walked into the elevator. He looked up and scanned with aura. "At least you weren't followed..."

Hayate crossed his heart in silence as he followed Jayden into the elevator. Since he really doesn't like speaking much, it shouldn't be a problem keeping a secret. But he also looked back up, a bit tense. What was with the chill he felt? "......." With a sigh, his eyes return to normal as he faces Jayden. "I guess it's good I wasn't followed, but.......what is this place?"

"This is a factory that me and some others normally go to in order to stop the antics of a crazy homicidal computer AI known as XANA...what attacked you anyway?" I asked, curious.

"Hard to explain...It was like, some kind of black smoke that had taken the form of a humanoid....It was strange, but my senses were going wild when I looked at it...It came down from the lights, and started floating over to me..." Hayate closed his eyes in thought. "But how could anything like that...even exist?...This is baffling..."

Jayden stared at him for a moment, shaking his head. "Kuso...that was him. You just saw XANA and got away from him fast enough to tell the tale...Wait, he didn't touch you right?" He stared at you with a threatened expression staring dead in your eyes, then calmed down. "No, no he didn't...alright." He sighed. "Listen. What you saw was our main enemy. Whatever he's up to could bring about our demise. Therefore, we're going to go fix it. There's an alternative computer generated world called Lyoko. It uses a different programming algorithm that's really a dead programming language, but if we do this right, we can stop XANA from there.

Hayate nods in understanding, but then was confused when he glared, looking into his eyes. "Okay, so Lyoko is needed to stop this attack...but what will happen if he touched me?...."

"More than likely, he'd attempt to kill you or possess you." Jayden said with a grave tone. "And if he killed you...well, we can't do anything to bring you back to be honest. Rather you get possessed than killed cause if possessed you could be saved." He looked at the door as he felt the elevator slow down.

"?! just say possess?!" Hayate tries to process everything in his mind. Getting a clearer understanding of what's happening, and how dangerous this is, his eyes become filled with determination to stop this threat. "I you will have to go to Lyoko..." Hayate looked at the door as well, fixing his bandana. "...Is it alright if I come along?"

"We'll have to talk to Jerry...we'll see."

Hayate nods his head in silence.

The door opens and I walk in. You see two individuals, one being a Kirlia in a chair that revolves the room, which has a globe in front of it. The other was a Zoroark in a wheelchair, watching. They both looked back. "Jay!" the Zoroark shouted happily, rolling over. The Kirlia waved.
"Hey Allo!" he smiled and hugged him, wagging his tail.  "I brought a new recruit."
The two of them looked at Hayate. "What's your name?" the Kirlia asked.

Hayate blinked, and looked away from everyone before he answered. "...It's Hayate...I'm new here...." He turned back around in silence after speaking, his sights focused on the globe as well as the rest of the room. He tried to take in everything as quickly as possible, before walking out of the elevator.

Allo crossed his arms. "Can't look at someone when you speak?" He was skeptic.
Jayden stepped him. "He's not one of speaking," he said.
"We can talk later," Allo intervened. "Anyway, XANA's on the loose again. The mission's going to be in the Grass sector. You know the drill Jay. Get to the tower and deactivate it."
"Anyone already in?" Jayden asked.
"No, not yet. Just going to be you and Hayate right now." Jerry replied, turning around.
"Then let's get going," Jay said, tapping Hayate on the shoulder and heading to the elevator.

Hayate snapped out of it when his shoulder was tapped and he had jumped a little before following Jayden to the elevator. He could feel his own heart starting to beat rapidly, which then made Hayate move his right paw over his chest, in an attempt to relax.

Jayden walked into the elevator and looked back to Hayate. Upon his entry, he closed the door and activated the elevator, causing it to rise. He looked down to Hayate. "Hayate, what we're about to do is extremely dangerous...your life will be at risk and you will have to fight. Are you ready for that? Are you ready to defend the world?"

Hayate takes a few moments to calm down, the paw gripping his chest tightening, and his heart racing. If he does this...He might get killed. But he still has a chance to protect loved ones. Like his mother and father. His older sister and brother. Innocent people like the other pokemon in the school. And other's who are fighting for the safety of the world, like Jayden. Slowly building up his courage, and finding his Will to fight, he looks up at Jayden with a determined look, and nods as his eyes become slitted once more. "I'm ready.....I'll do whatever it takes..."

Jayden nods, putting a paw on his shoulder. "I'm glad to hear that. I have the power to stop the attack, but in order to do that, I'll need assistance getting to the tower...that's where you come in. As long as I stay alive in there long enough to get to the tower, things will go well.

Hayate nods his head in understanding, smiling slightly as he looked t the paw on his shoulder. Seems like he'll have to "escort" him to the tower. Or act like a shield if it came to that. He remained silent as he looked at the elevator door. Looks like he will have to his best if they want to live through this.

Jayden looked up as the doors opened to the scanner room. He rose with a grin. "Showtime..." with the only word he said before walking out and getting into a scanner. "Get in Hayate...this is necessary."

Hayate does what he was told to do. He walks out of the elevator and into one of the scanners, turning around to face Jayden. "...."

The scanner doors, without much of a delay, closed, locking the two inside. "Give me a moment. I'm going to sync you in first Hayate." Jerry said. You see a light go up and down along your body and you can feel air blowing inside from the bottom, causing you to wanna close your eyes since it was causing them to get a bit watery. "Alright! Let's go ahead and finish up! Transfer Jayden...Scanning Jayden...Scanning Hayate...Virtualization!" She hit the button and your mind goes blank as you feel it start racing. Soon you find yourself suspended in mid air as your body is recreated into the digital form. After this however, gravity takes over. Jayden lands without a problem, landing on his feet and one paw.

Hayate opens his eyes after his body had completely formed, and as he fell, his instancts took over, causing him to flip a few times before
Landing on all 4's, somehow, not making a sound. He stands up straight, and looks around, awed by the scenery. It gave him a little sense of peace, but a chill had crawled up his spine once again, and caused him to look around. That was when he noticed his new look, and he jumped a little in surprise. He tapped on the slightly modified shuriken on his chest, the light gauntlets on his arms, and the 3 parts of his neck that flowed back like a scarf. "?!..."

You notice Jayden had his own change of wardrobe. He pulled on a hood that his ears protruded through. "You look flashy." I look back to him and smile with a grin. "It's pretty badass armor. Wear it well..." he stood straight. Hayate couldn't see Jayden's eyes unless he tried hard. His entire form reflected one of an assassin, but at the same time, he was dressed effectively for any and all combat that could come at him. "Which way Jerry?" Jayden asked, looking up.
"Head northwest" Jerry replied. Jayden looked around confused for a moment. "It's to the upper left, Jay."
"Oh!" he said, rubbing his neck. "I knew that!" He sounded a little embarrassed as he started running.

Hayate couldn't help but giggle a little as he followed behind, his movements a bit more swift than he was in the real world. He could get used to this...

Jayden slowed down as he saw the first of the opposition. There were two large red creatures crawling accross the grassy platform towards the duo. "Kuso..." Jayden swore. "It's a Krab...wait..." he looked at it again and grinned. "This would be a good time for you to learn how to fight these things. Aim to take out their legs! They can't walk, they can't strike, they'll be sitting ducks!"

Hayate nodded in understanding. "I'll attack on your go..." His slitted, light green eyes gleaming as his light green aura formed around his body.

"Don't let your guard down. That's how they get you." Jayden warned. He took a slight cover point behind a tree with Hayate, looking out. "Listen. Aim for their leg. Hit it fast and hit it hard. If they can't walk, they can't fight, then they're sitting ducks. Just don't get shot on the way there...and watch out for their legs. They're like scythes and really sharp. Move towards them in a zig zag motion. I'll take the one on the left, you the all that?" He asked. It took him a moment to realize he was in a strategic speech about what to do when fight them and he was talking fast to save time.

Hayate stood up straight, awaiting a signal to speed up and attack. "Understood. Shall we go?"

"Wait...NOW!" Jayden ran out from behind the tree, dashing towards the Krabs and getting shot at as he moved. He successfully dodged the bullets with deft motions and leaped on top of the Krab, Stabbing it on it's top. With that, he hopped off and landed back on the platform.

Hayate, follows suite, chraging after the crab he was assigned, and of course he was being shot at as well. However, he managed to dodge each shot with a quick dash to the sides, moving back and forth, in a zig zag motion, like instructed. Using quick attack when he got close enough, he had a speed boost which made him almost seem like a blur. He quickly took out one leg, and gets out of the way of another leg about to impale him. Hayate moves back and quickly kicks that leg as well, with enough force to make it bend, and he had done the last 2 legs the same way. Lastly, he hops on top of it, and jumps up a little bit higher using the crab as a boost. With a gleam in his eyes, he charges down as His legs glow for a double kick attack. He kicks the crab on its head twice, using the second kick to give him another boost, to jump and land next to Jayden with both feet and his right paw as well. He stands up straight after a moment, and looks back. "...."

Jayden watched after he destroyed his and saw Hayate do really well for his first target. "Alright. Alright. Not bad. You're good at listening to instructions." Jayden nodded. "Not to mention you have some pretty strong kicks...but there's more than likely more ahead, so keep your guard up." He nodded slightly as he began to move forward. "Can't waste any time. Gotta find that tower."

Hayate couldn't help but smile under the mask he wore, happy at the compliments that had been given. However, he knew he had to remain serious in a situation like this, so he shakes his head and tries to get rid of the small smile, following behind Jayden while nodding again. As they went on, He took a quick look around to see if he could spot a large tower anywhere. It IS a shouldn't be hard to spot...

"Uh guys!" I heard Allo's voice and it sounded worried. "They know you're there! You're being surrounded!" He shouted.

"What?!" Jayden stammered as he looked around. Allo was right. In front of them was a swarm of Roachers, about 5, and behind them, a megatank. "Let's get out of here, Hayate!" Jayden said with a little fear, as well as confidence. He ran towards the swarm and formed Bone Rush. "Give them hell!"

"Hmph. As you wish." Hayate's aura started flowing around him as he ran behind Jayden, eyes set on the megatank. ".....! Got an idea..." Hayate suddenly jumped to the right, and landed on the side of the tree, then pushed out, and hopped on the side of another tree. He kept repeating the process in an attempt to get the enemy's attention, yet did it fast to avoid getting shot as well. His tail was close to getting shot while doing this, but Hayate managed to move his tail down and avoid it, barely.

The Megatank turned effectively towards Hayate, trying to ram him with his large body. After  a while of the evasion tactic, the Megatank had enough. It turned onto it's side and opened up, exposing it's weak point as it charged it's laser. It then fired, sending out a horizontal wave of laser out of it's body. It cut down all the trees in the vicinity, including all of them that Hayate could of jumped on, making him have to land on the ground. Meanwhile, Jayden was doing his best to get rid of the Roachers. Though low powered, Jayden was getting hit here and there due to the fact that they worked together to take him down. However, it didn't last long since every strike killed one and soon they were all down. "There..." Then he saw the Megatank charge. He ducked down, laying on his belly as the beam blasted over him and under Hayate. "Damn! When did they shoot sideways?!"

"?! What the-?!" Hayate wasn't expecting the horizontal wave of energy to cut down the trees. He had quickly hopped on one of the falling trees, and hopped higher up in the air until the laser wave had vanished completely. Once it did, Hayate had fallen to the ground, tumbling on the floor and sliding on his back, reaching Jayden with a grunt. "Grg!...K-Kuso...."

"Careful, Hayate. That fall caused some damage!" Jerry called. Jayden, as the attack ended, blasted an aura sphere towards the creature, destroying it right before it closed. He got up and dusted himself off. "Jayden, are you okay?"

"Fine...nothing I can't walk off." I replied, beginning to walk now in the progress direction. You notice I had a slight limp now. "I got shot like 3 times in the legs and twice in the chest..." Jayden fell over after a moment of limping, but caught himself on his paws. "Ow..."

"You got hit more than that. you're at 80 Life Points." Allo reported. Jayden got up, swearing and continued to move. "Hayate, help my brother, please."

Hayate was already walking beside Jayden, trying to help him continue standing and walking. "Already ahead of ya!" He payed close attention to the area around them, looking around cautiously as they progressed. Hayate then shakes his head... if he had stayed with Jayden, he could've help prevent the damage caused by the roachers... "J-Jayden, are you okay?!... Damnit, I thought I had gotten the attention of the whole group....I'm...sorry..."

Jayden continued to move along, after a bit, he, as he said, started to recover, walking normal again. He could see the tower in the distance and proceeded towards it. "I'm fine, Hayate." He listened to Hayate and shook his head. "Nothing to be sorry for. You distracted the megatank long enough for me to be able to destroy it. as long as they're dead and we're not. How the goal is achieved doesn't really matter...besides, we're almost there." He points to a tower with a red aura on the top.

Hayate looks to where he points, and blinks in surprise. Well, that was kinda quick....and thank goodness too. Hayate lets go when he realizes that Jayden is walking normally, and gives out a sigh of relief. Hayate, however, remains cautious to the surrounding area, his eyes looking around quickly. "..."

Jayden proceeded towards the tower  until the duo were standing in front of it. No other enemies popped out along the way. "Finally," Jayden said as he stepped forward. "Wait here, Hayate." Jayden stated as he went inside the tower. He looked around briefly as he walked into the center of a platform ring. He rose up the tower and landed on another platform, and waited till the computer loaded, then typed in the code. Hayate noticed the tower go blue.

"Whew...alright guys." Jerry said. "Nice job."

"What was going on anyway, Jerry?" Jayden asked.

"XANA was trying to cause a surge of electricity to shock everyone to death," Jerry explained.

"Oh..." Jayden replied. "Well then..."

"Return to the past now," Jerry said. Soon a bright white light passed over everything in and out of Lyoko.

Hayate nodded when he was told to stay there, and he closed his eyes, waiting. He slowly opened them again a moment later, and looks up to see the aura of the tower turn from red to blue. He smiles slightly, taking the mask off of his face. "H-he did it....Things should be normal right?" He asked himself as tapped his chin. "....Eh? Waaah?!" He jumped a little when he had seen the bright light suddenly move up and covered his eyes with his arms as it engulfed him along with everything.

Things were quiet after the flash came. After a moment it faded out. You find yourself back in your last period. Students are leaving. You hear the end of the announcements, stating "thank you and have a nice day." I seemed you were just here. Everything looked like it was happening again. Everything was happening again. The only thing to do now was either to see if you could do something different, or simply do what you did the first time around.

"...?!" Hayate looks around after he opens his eyes, being the last student left to leave the class. He looks at himself, wearing the clothes he had come to school with, and his wooden katana and bag behind him. With a few blinks, he stands up slowly, trying to process what just happened. He paid attention to what he, himself, was about to do, because he almost spoke to himself, out loud. He still remembered the promise he made to Jayden, so he grabbed both the bag and wooden blade, and made his way out of the classroom, waving goodbye to the teacher before exiting the building. Next, he ran to the exact spot he trained at, and turned around to the spot he first met Jayden. "...."

Jayden woke up in his bed, looking to his ceiling. He shot up and looked around, then sighed, calming down as the memory came to him of the prior events. "Right..." he said to himself. As before, he got up and got his stuff together and headed out. Only this time, he walked towards the middle school, wanting to catch Hayate before he got out. As he got there, he saw kids heading out, but he didn't see Hayate anywhere. "Maybe he's at the spot." He said to himself. He began running there, soon using extreme speed. The spot wasn't too far from the middle school, and he took a tree path, hoping branch to branch. He soon landed on the ground with a roll, looking around, seeing Hayate. He brushed himself off and walked over to him, knowing he'd have questions.

Hayate frowns a little when he didn't spot Jayden at that moment, and he dropped his bag on the ground with a sigh, holding his wooden blade with his left paw. However, just before he was about to unsheath it, he quickly turns his head at the approaching aura behind him. "?!.......O-oh..." He sighs with relief while moving his right paw to his chest, trying to calm himself, and smiled slightly as he turned around completely. He then, bows his head to Jayden, who was the one approaching him. " scared me a little..."

Jayden briefly scans the area with aura, seeing no one was around, and sat down on the grass. "Sorry. I didn't mean to." He smiled. "Still, I'm glad to see you're coping with this. Do you have any questions for me?" Jayden sat back.

".....Just a few..." Hayate sits down with his legs crossed, gently setting his wooden sword beside him. "Just, what was that light that engulfed everything?? How did we end up back here?"

"From my experiences and understanding," he began, "it is a temporal reset. Time has rewinded to this point. No one is to recall anything that happened prior to it. Well... no one but us. We know the truth and we safeguard it. Those who know about Lyoko safeguard it. The public doesn't have a clue... and they won't.

"So that will happen everytime XANA attacks huh...." Hayate thinks for yet, another moment. "...What were happen if we our health drops down to zero in Lyoko? Please tell me we won't actually die in real life...."

Jayden shakes his head. "No, you don't die. You just getdevirtualized. You come back to the real world...albeit not exactly feeling good because your mind hat to pull a complicated series of mental algorithm to ensure you're not dead. Normally it's like...waking up from a bad dream, or you're pass out when you get out of there."

Hayate nods his head in understanding, and stands up, dusting his clothes off. "...Thats all the questions I have so far...Thank you Jayden." Smiles, and bows once more, before picking up his wooden sword again.

Jayden smiles. "And as for your previous question," he started. "Yes. We may train together."

Hayate's ears perk up when his eyes go wide. Did he really just say yes...? "....mmnnnnnng.....!" Hayate tries hard to contain his excitement, almost bursting out in happiness. Slowly calming down, he manages speak in a normal tone, but he had a big smile on his face. "Th-Thank you so much!"

Jayden smiles. "No problem! I need a new sparing partner anyway." He grinned a little. "Plus, I never got to teach someone before, so this will be an experience." I nod with a smile. He gladly could accept Hayate as a friend and ally, but also felt that he had a lot to teach the Riolu. "Hehe...keep this up and you may evolve pre-maturely.

Hayate smiles and bows once again. "I am looking foward to training with you...." He stood up straight and grinned. "...Sensei." With a light chuckle, he soon becomes silent once again, and looks up at the sky. He then closed his eyes as he felt the wind blow through his fur, and his long bandana flowed at his right side as well. The crecent moon symbol on his left cheek gives off a dim glow as Hayate drops his head a little, moving his right paw to his chest, thinking.He is actually making friends again...At a slightly quicker pace than usual however, but it wasn't a big least he was making a few. Not only that, it was a Lucario of all pokemon...He just might look foward to the rest of the year.

Jayden blushed at the word "Sensei", as well as was stunned. True enough, as a child, he did get into a lot of fights, but he never thought he'd be called a sensei. He smiled and felt the breeze blow by, sighing as the air blew through. Jayden noticed the blue mark under Hayate's eye as he looked to the sky. The light caught it just right for him to see. It seemed too good to be a tattoo, so he immediately assumed it was a family mark of some sort. He didn't want to press the matter as it may be offensive. He smiled though, feeling good that he's able to control his anger and distrust more now. Hayate seemed to be a decent person, and he was now a warrior. He could trust him for the most part.

Hayate opens his eyes a little, a bit of tiredness starting to form in him. With a small yawn, he stretches his arms before sitting back down on the ground. He soon even layed down on the ground, resting his head on his bag as he looked up at the sky again. He really didn't want to get up again, but he knew he had to leave soon. Hopefully, he could find a place in the school to sleep in like a dormitory, but he would like to have a good look at the stars at night...For some reason, it calmed him down a bit, and his mind was in a relaxed state.

"So did you go to get yourself a room yet?" Jayden inquired. The sun was still glaring out at the moment. He proceed to rise.

Hayate slowly shakes his head no, as he sits up again with another yawn.

"Well, for now, let's get out of this heat. It's killing me slowly." I rose up and began walking towards shade.

Hayate sighs as he stands up again, picking up his bag and wooden katana. He then follows Jayden to an area with shade, although Hayate didn't seem bothered by the sun.

Jayden began walking towards the dorms. To be honest, the only reason the heat bugged him was his dual type; an issue that came to him after he evolved. Though most Lucario can endure it. Personal issues cause him not to be as resilient. He continues to walk, hoping not to be asked about it. He looked at his surroundings, seeing a few individuals that made him audibly growl. He ignored them, but it was obvious that Jayden has a bit of baggage his own. After all, he's only 14.

Hayate's ears twitched a little when he heard the growl from Jayden, and he turned his head to the individuals he had looked at earlier, his expresion turning serious as well. But when he realized it was just other (students?), he lifted an eyebrow, but had not said anything, continueing to follow behind Jayden. His left paw was tightly gripped to the katana, but it relaxes a little after time goes by.

Jayden continued to walk until he reach the Boys High School Dormitory. "Let's get you a room. I'm sure your parents will send your things sooner or later." Jayden shrugged. "Give me a moment. I'm going to go get some water and calm down some. The dorm master is there." He pointed to the person in charge of the dorms and walked off to get some water. While he was gone, he had time to calm down. He took the water from the fountain, which was cold, and put it on his forehead. "Ah..." He then started drinking. As time passed, he felt he had calmed down enough. He remembered how happy Hayate was when he said they could train together and smiled. "This could be a pretty fun year...wonder where his room's going to be..."

Hayate tilts his head a little as he turned to the dorm master. Next he nodded to Jayden as he walked away to calm himself, and with a sigh, he walked up to the dorm master. When he finally reached the person, he tugged on the shirt a bit to get the person's attention. "....Excuse me?..."

The dorm master looked to you. It was a Delcatty. She smiled at you. "Hello there!" How are you doing? Are you a new student?

Hayate nods his head in silence. Then he tilts his head a bit to the left, his left ear twitching. When he spoke, he was a bit more quiet than before. "...I am new here...and I'm doing alright...thanks for asking..."

"No problem," she replied with a smile. She seemed to be having a good day. "Well, do you have a desired room or floor? Perhaps someone you wanna buddy with?" She had a very happy aura around her. Her mood seemed to be one that could boost any and all in her vicinity right now.

Hayate blinks at the happy Delcatty, a small smile forming on his face. He then speaks again, but he was still a bit quiet. "...Well, I would like a" Wait...where should his dormitory be? He would prefer to be alone, but he just made a new friend. Maybe if there is room, he can share a dorm with him. But then again, it might seem a bit weird....Maybe he should have a dorm somewhere nearby?.... But what if someone he doesn’t know decides to share a room with him? That might make things awkward....Oh, what to do...Hayate pondered while lost in thought.

The Delcatty looked at you, seeing there was a dilemma in your head. "Well, let me help you. The options are solo rooms and double rooms. Should you want a solo room, there are some scarcely available. However, solo rooms are empty and you will have no one to interact with in your room. That and should someone need a room and choose a random double room, there's no telling what kind of person you'll buddy with. At the same time there are double rooms. This will give you the option to choose someone to buddy with. However, they would have to agree to it. The benefit is that you don't have to worry about who the partner would be since you already know them. This is a more desired path than to go with since the solo room is too risky, but there is a chance that you can end up alone, and random double room basically means no one is happy, or both are happy. So do you want a solo room, choose a double room, or be given a random double room?" She looked at him hoping the explanation helped.

Hayate takes a quick moment to think, closing his eyes, and his ears drooping back. A few moments later, with a sigh, he opens his eyes once more, and looks up at the Delcatty with a nod. He doesn't want to take that chance with a solo room if there is still that possibility of sharing the room with someone completely new to him, so here goes nothing. "Then....I guess I would like a double room..."

The Delcatty nods. "Alright then, sir. Who would you like to share a room w-" She looks to the computer and stops. "Oops!" she said sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I forgot to ask. What's your name? And while you're at it, who do you want to buddy up with?" As she asked, Jayden entered the room with a cup of water. He walks over to Hayate's side quietly.

Hayate opens his mouth slightly to speak, but his eyes were turned to his right. He had just sensed Jayden's aura when he got close enough. "I....My name is Hayate Miterashi... but..." With a nervous sigh, he turns to Jayden with his ears drooped back again. "U-um...You don't mind if we...share a room, do you?...Just asking before I decide on a room..."

Jayden looked surprised. "Wait, what?" he was caught off guard. The last thing he expected to be asked was to share rooms. "Well...I don't mind, but I never thought about it...g-give me a moment." He took a moment to think about it, rubbing his chin. True enough, if he said yes, he didn't have to worry about if anyone else would be buddied with him, then he'd have to suffer if it was someone disreputable. However, if he said no, he'd still be in solitude...but who knows for how long. After a moment of contemplation, he sighed. "Sure. Rather have someone I know as a friend than someone I don't."

Hayate gave out a small smile at the answer. He then scratches his chin as he looks away. "S-sorry, I know this is rather sudden.....but thank you so much...." Hayate, with a nod, turns back around to the Delcatty, and crosses his arms. "...I would like to...buddy up with Jayden please..." Hayate felt a bit of happiness build inside of him, it being obvious when his small smile grew a bit bigger. He fixed his long bandana as his mind soon became lost in thoughts.

Delcatty nods. "Mr. Cross, are you sure you are okay with this?" she asked Jayden.

"Yes ma'am. I know him well enough for it." I stated with a smile.

"Alright then!" she smiled and put his name into the system. "For now on, Mr. Miterashi, you and Mr. Cross will be sharing a room here. What's better is that both of you are 9th graders according to the system, so you'll be able to help each other out!" Jayden wagged his tail. The way her personality is quite uplifting to him. He grinned a bit. "Here's your key to the room." She said. She grabbed a school lanyard and grabbed the room key, giving it to you. Jayden walked off some, heading towards his room, but stopped, staying in sight.

Hayate took them both after straping his wooden katana on his back, putting on his back over it, and bowed slightly. "Thank you so much...Jaa ne!" With a slight wave, he turned and ran a little to catch up to Jayden. "Sorry for making you wait..." Hayate attached the key to the lanyard, and puts it in his back pocket, smiling at Jayden.

"No problem." Jayden nodded. "It's this way." Jayden began walking towards his room, leading Hayate straight to it. Upon reaching it, he quickly unlocked the door and opened the door for him.

Hayate had been following behind Jayden as he looked around curiously. Then he looked foward with a smile when Jayden had opened the door, and walked in with small thank you. He then looked around the room, curiously.

The dorm room was pretty wide with two beds on each side. One side of the room was pretty bare. No sheets on the bed, the no posters, nothing on the shelves, no computer, nothing was there. Meanwhile, the other side was well decorated with many things. It was clear which side Hayate would be on. Jayden walked in and set his bag down, taking off his jacket and hopped onto his bed, laying on his back. Then you notice something. A "plush" silver Eevee. Though it looked like a plushie, for the strangest reason, it had an aura. Jayden seemed to be relaxed with the establishment he has made. In the center of the room there was a tv with a few video game consoles hooked up, as well as his laptop.

Hayate slowly walked to his side of the room, taking off his bag and setting it gently on the bed. "Huh.....Looks like I will have this side to start over with," he mumbles to himself with a sigh. A few moments later his ears perk up as he looks at the silver eevee "plushie" in confusion. Why does that thing have an aura?..... Suddenly, once the mark on Hayate's cheek glew for a moment, he looked at the dorm room door, with widened eyes. His whole facial expression was surprised. "No way....Why are they here...?!" Hayate sensed 2 familiar aura's nearby. And for his mark to be glowing, one or both people could be family members. He looked at Jayden, then looked at the door again, trying to figure out if he should go see them or not... it could be urgent...then again, maybe not...he had to see them to find out. "Jayden...I gotta meet up with someone, so....I will take a minute to get back...You wanna come along...? It shouldn't take that long..."

Jayden sits up, as Hayate looked around. He smiled as he got comfortable in spot, rubbing the head of the plush shiny eevee. He saw something out of the corner of his eye and looked over to him. "Huh?" he tilted his head. "Your face is glowing...wait, who's here?" He was confused from this. He then got worried it was someone wanting to hurt him and his aura was warning him. He began getting dressed and listened to Hayate, calming down a little, then nods. "Alright."

Hayate, with a small nod, fixes the wooden katana on his back, and walks out the dorm, but then abruptly stops after taking 3 steps foward. "?!....Hiro...Aiden..." 

Right in front of Hayate, stood a male Lucario, just about 16 to 17 years old of age, and a male Dewott, who seemed to be just around 14 to 15 years old. Hayate and the Lucario shared a little resemblance to one another. The only difference is that the same mark on Hayate's cheek is on the Lucario's forehead, and his eyes are grey. He wore a sleeveless hoodie, which was white, and had the symbol of a dragon on his back, and white shorts that had a design of golden flames all over it. That Lucario held a large bag in his left paw, and he chuckled at Hayate. "Hey little brother. How's school? And please use words...not motions and silence..."

Hayate blinked several times as he tried to process what was happening here, and had completely ignored the Lucaro's question. Lets see.... Got through the first day of school, became friends with Jayden, learned about Lyoko, became a warrior, finally got a dorm, and now he is suddenly being visited by his older brother and his friend... Everything checks out. Except one thing... "Hiro, WHY are you here...?" 

The Lucario, or rather, Hiro, just shakes his head as he gently puts the full bag on the ground next to Hayate. "You know dad's friend? The Gallade?" Just before Hayate could answer, Hiro interrupts. "Yeah, of course you don't. Listen, he foresaw that this will happen, and told dad. Then dad told mom. And THEN mom just so happened to have found me sleeping on the roof of the house and told me to pack your things and give them to ya. Oh, yeah, I also brought Aiden along for the long walk. You do remember my friend right?"

Hayate shakes his head with a sigh. "...How can I forget?....He was the one you always sparred with. And almost everyday too, ever since we came to this region...Hey Aiden..." 

Aiden, the Dewott, wore an emerald green scarf, with a navy blue, regular shirt, and blue jeans. He waved slightly with a smile, saying, "Hey Hayate," as he looked around curiously. 

Hayate then looked at the bag with another sigh. "Hiro, what did you do? Bring my entire room?"

Hiro laughs a bit, shaking his head. "Of course not, little one." Hayate just grumbled. "I did bring in some extra supplies to help you with school and training. Not only that, I brung some more clothes for you to wear, your 2 extra wooden swords, your little Ocarina, and...everything else. Just look through the bag. You'll see everything as you look. Oh, and one more thing...for that training tablet, you will be fighting copies of us. You choose the opponent. The rest of the instructions are in the note you sister wrote. Read it carefully."

Hayate nods his head before he tilts it. "Anything else?"

Hiro sighs, "Didn't I tell you to look for yourself?... Figure it out, Hayate..."

Jayden prepared to leave the room and stopped, seeing Hayate in the hall in front of the room. He stayed inside briefly, listening to the first parts of the conversation inside the room carefully. After a moment, he exited the room, looking to the Dewott and other, much older Lucario. He waited till he had the chance to before he spoke. "Hello there. I hope I'm not disturbing anything." Jayden said crossing his arms casually. He was a bit intimidated by the older brother, but also took note of the mark on his forehead. He assumed it was simply a family thing. He then looked over to the Dewott, nodding respectfully to both. Hiro looked up at Jayden, and smiled a little, standing up straight and waving slightly. "Oh hey there! It’s alright, you're not interrupting anything. We just in came here to check up on this little one." He ruffles up Hayate's head fur, with a chuckle, while Hayate growled a bit. "Hey, quit doing that!"

Hiro laughed while Aiden nodded back to Jayden as well, smiling. "Hey there....?! Wait a minute....Hayate, didn't you just come out from that room?"

Hayate's ears twitched a little when he heard the question, and turned to Aiden as he fixed his head fur. "Y-yeah, I did...."

Hiro smirked and looked up at Jayden again. "Wait, so you're his new roommate huh?"

Hayate turned to face Jayden for a moment, before looking back at Hiro with a glare. "Yeah...we're friends. Goodbye now....!" Hayate attempted to push Hiro out, but he doesn't budge.

Hiro just looks down at Hayate with his arms crossed. "It’s gonna take more than that to make me budge little brother...."

"I see..." Jayden said to the first comment. He never had to be checked on at first...but, of course, his situation was much more different from Hayate's.  He then hears Aiden notice that he just walked out of the same room as him and Jayden nodded, confirming so. He saw the smirk and recognized it. His brother normally had a similar one when he wanted to do a prank, or he learned something to get the upper paw on Jayden. Jayden adjusted, seeing a confrontation coming, and not to his surprise, he was correct. He walked over and attempted to separate Hayate from his brother. "Now hold on a moment..." he looked over to Hayate then to his brother. "Let's keep this peaceful...both of you. If you wanna "train", we'll it after we take care of business. That's getting his stuff put away." He moved from his spot between the brothers, which was a hot zone, and stepped back behind Hayate. "And Hiro, I noticed the grin. Anata no kyōdai o itazura shinaide kudasai...alright?" It was a request. I couldn't demand anything of him, and I knew it.

Hiro blinked when he heard Jayden speak japanese, but then replied with a wave of his hand. "Daijōbu, daijōbu.Kyō wa hitori de, kare o nokoshite okimasu..." ("Alright, alright. I'll leave him alone today for today")

Hayate looked back at Jayden in surprise. Did he just ask his brother to NOT cause trouble for him? "J-Jayden....?..." Wow, that was...rather nice of him. At least he stopped a large arguement from occurring. It could've been worse. Hayate couldn't help but smile. 

Hiro looked at both Jayden and Hayate, smiling a little as well. Looks like they became fast friends. Which is great! Hayate could quit being so antisocial! "Heheh, well, I think its time me and Aiden got outta here. Glad to see you are doing well little bro. Later!" With A wink and another small wave, Hiro begins walking away with Aiden walking ahead. Then his ears perk up as he turns back around, stopping himself. "Oh, and Aiden will have your old room until you come back. So when you do visit, don't be so shocked."

Hayate blinks twice. "Wait, what? Why?"

Hiro sighs and turns back around, speaking as he walked away. "He'll be living with us from now on! I'll explain why on your next visit! It's....personal!!"

Hayate then gets a worried expression as he crosses his arms. Not a good sign if he says, 'it's personal'....It usually means something happened...With a sigh, Hayate grabs his bag and starts dragging it back into their dorm room.

Jayden nodded. "Thank you." His eyes changed some as he sighed in relief. "No problem, Hayate." He looked up to Hiro and nodded. "See you later." Jayden watched as they went in, grabbing two of the bags and bringing them into the room. He listened a bit to the last part and saw Hayate return. "Sounds like a bit of family trouble..." Jayden said, his ears going back. His eyes changed a shade of blue as he looked to Hayate. "Come on. Let's get this stuff set up. Besides, I'm sure when you return home, accomodations will be made for you. Heck. It could be a prank." Jayden smiled a little, being positive.

Meanwhile, the Zoroark in the Wheelchair noticed Hiro and Aiden and rolled over to them. He didn't disturb them until he noticed the mark on Hiro's forehead. "Wait...that looks like that Riolu's mark...maybe that's his sibling...perhaps they know where Jayden is." He rolls towards the duo. "Excuse me!" he called to get their attention as he rolled towards them.

Hayate looks up at Jayden with a worried expression. He had noticed Jayden's look, and his sudden eye color change. But once he had seen him smile a little, Hayate managed to smile with him, however he still had shown a little bit of worry in his eyes as he looked up at Jayden. Hayate then sets his bag on the ground next to his bed, and begun to look inside. What else did Hiro bring?...

Hiro was conversing a bit with Aiden as they walk. Hiro yawned as he moved both his paws behind his head. "So...We will be taking care of you from now on. I don't think I will have to introduce you to my family if you already know you know they're kind. It should be alright."

Aiden sighs as he looks back, sadness starting to form in his eyes. "I wish....things could've been different before the incident...damnit, I'm so weak..."

Hiro looks down at the dewott with a sigh. "You only are weak if you place those limits on yourself. You can get stronger in time. Like me and Sheena. You could already tell that Hayate had gotten stronger too right?"

Dewott looks back up to Hiro. "Yeah, he did seem allot more....different. But-?!" 

As soon as Hiro's ears perked up, he had turned around to see a Zororark in a wheel chair roll up to them while calling out to both himself and Aiden, and they both stopped to see what he wanted. "H-huh? What is it? What's wrong?"

Jayden set the other bags, which felt like they contained sheets and clothing, next to the bed as well and hopped onto his bed again, simply sitting down. He was ready to hop back up and help out Hayate with anything he needed. He watched his mark, watching as it faded in it's aura lighting, which meant they were getting farther away. Thinking back some, he simply sighed in thought.

"A few things really. I'm looking for my brother and his friend. Bro's name is Jayden and his friend's someone by the name of Hayate...I figured you're his brother, seeing the mark on your forehead." the Zoroark said. "Oh, where are my manners! I'm Allo."

Hayate pulled out 2 more wooden katana's, one with a flowing ribbon at the sword's hilt, and a symbol of water on the sheath, the hilt, and the side of the blade. There was a note attached, that read, "This sword had been built by using the wood from the sacred tree. My dad made it for me before we moved about a year ago, but I no longer need this. It is more sturdy than your regular wooden sword, but it can still break if not used properly. Please take good care of it... -Aiden" Hayate blinked when he had saw Aiden's name at the end. Why did he give him this?...Well, it was kinda late to ask him now, so he looked at the next Katana, and he looked shocked. He examined the sword closely, which had a black and blue sheath, and the wooden blade was white. Hayate continued to look at the wooden sword, mumbling, "Dad..." under his breath. These aren't Hayate's 2 extra katana's...but they're gifts from a friend and member of his family. How nice...yet strange.

Hiro smiled and crossed his arms. "Well, my name is Hiro. This is my friend Aiden. And you seem right on point with that theory. Hayate is my brother."

Aiden said something out loud, while as he tapped his chin, thinking. "Hayate did just say Jayden's name out loud....I think Jayden was his far as I remember."

Hiro's ears twitched. "Then I guess that means both Jayden and Hayate are at their dorms. They share a dorm, soo....yeah. Do you know the way already, Allo?"

Jayden looked to the swords. "Wow..." he said, surprised. "I never seen swords like that before..." he said, swaying his tail some. "Someone spent a lot of time working on them." he added. He then looked over to the Eevee plush and nodded. "Hey, what I'm going to say might startle you a bit, alright?" Jayden asked. He walked over and closed the door. "He's friendly, Silver. You can move now." The Eevee that looked like a plush before sighed, as if relaxing from being a statue. Jayden walked over to it and rubbed his head, earning a purr. "Thanks buddy."

"Vee!" he stated. God knows what it said, but it seemed to be proud. He looked over to you and hopped off the desk, carefully walking towards you and sniffing.

"Interesting..." Allo said, then smiled. "Well, if your brother, and my brother and sharing a room...I say we get to know each other a bit." he grinned some.

Hayate nodded when he looked back to Jayden, as he was talking about his new swords. "Y-Yeah...Both my father, and Aiden's father made these... I know my father puts everything he can when making any weapon..." Hayate was about to turn around to continue unpacking, but then Jayden had spoken again. "?...Startle?..." Hayate got a bit suspicious when he closed the door, but then jumped when he had seen the Eevee plushie move! He knew something was up, but he didn't know that thing could move! Hayate blinked several times but then knelt down as the Eevee moved closer to him. His tail swayed left and right slowly, looking at the Eevee with a curious look. ".........."

Hiro smiled a bit at the idea. "Well, that sounds cool and all, but we might have to do that at a later time. My mom will kill me if I'm not home on time so.....Maybe tomorrow we can meet up again in better circumstances."

Aiden looked at the 2 as they converesed, waiting in silence.

Jayden nodded, in understanding. He got up again. "Silver. He's going to be our dormmate now. He's a good guy." Silver listened and nodded, understanding fully. As a result, he jumped onto you some, looking at you as if he wanted to be petted. Meanwhile, Jayden got up and started helping you put things away. "He's not animatronic or anything. He's real and he apparently likes you." Jayden smiled.

"I understand completely," Allo nodded. "See you around." With that, he turned towards the dorm.

Hayate sat down with his legs crossed, gently petting the Eevee with a small smile. "H-hey there...My name is Hayate..." Just then, his ears perk up when he saw Jayden get up to help put stuff away, and he blinked. "Thanks...wait....are pet's not allowed here?"

Hiro waves and says, "Ciao"  as he walks away. Aiden also bows to Allo before running off to catch up to Hiro.

Silver purrs and nuzzles against you, loving the petting. He sits down in your lap and relaxes. "No problem." Jayden said, putting some of the clothing away. He stopped when you asked if it was okay to have pets. "Well...technically, no, you're not suppose to have one on campus. All I'm doing is keeping his safe. That's why he was a statue earlier." He then looks to the swords and their sheets, reaching for them, then stopping, moving on to something else. He figured it'd be best for him not to mess with what was sacred to Hayate.

Allo, meanwhile, went into the dorm, rolling towards Jayden's room. Unlike last year, Jay's room is on the second floor now instead of being on the 4th again, so things were easier for him to navigate. He found the handicap elevator and went in, heading up to the floor, and rolling towards the room.

Silver purrs and nuzzles against you, loving the petting. He sits down in your lap and relaxes. "No problem." Jayden said, putting some of the clothing away. He stopped when you asked if it was okay to have pets. "Well...technically, no, you're not suppose to have one on campus. All I'm doing is keeping his safe. That's why he was a statue earlier." He then looks to the swords and their sheets, reaching for them, then stopping, moving on to something else. He figured it'd be best for him not to mess with what was sacred to Hayate.

Allo, meanwhile, went into the dorm, rolling towards Jayden's room. Unlike last year, Jay's room is on the second floor now instead of being on the 4th again, so things were easier for him to navigate. He found the handicap elevator and went in, heading up to the floor, and rolling towards the room.

Hayate nods his head im understanding, and smiles slightly as the Eevee sits in his lap. He continues to pet it gently as he looks to the other 2 Katana's still in their sheaths, and looks around. Maybe he can hang it on a wall later.... With Hayate's free paw, he reaches into the bag as well to at least try to look for his other things. He takes out a black Ocarina with the same, crescent moon mark under it, and a smaller mark on the mouth piece used to blow in. He gently sets that on the bed, and continues digging through the bag, taking out a few more pairs of clothes, a short, sky blue bandana, a green scarf, and etc.

Silver stayed calm with you. He simply either watched what you were doing, or laid in your lap as a silvery ball of fluff. After some time, he hopped out of your lap, walked over to a different part of the room and sat down, watching the two of you. He gave the occassional cry of "Vee" when he wanted attention, or he simply walked over to us, pawing for petting. Soon, a knock came to the door. Silver, knowing that means to hide, jumped into one of your empty drawers. Jayden swiftly closed the drawer and looked to the door. "Who is it?" he asked.

"Your brother," was the only response they received. Jayden walked over to the door and opened it, revealing the Zoroark in the wheelchair. "Hey, Jayden." he smiled. The duo hugged each other for a brief period and Jayden smiles. "I was wondering if you could tell me where Hayate was...and low and behold, his brother told me he was your dormmate." Allo grins.

"You met his brother?" Jayden said, stunned.

"Yeah," Allo replied. "I couldn't get to know him at the moment. He had to get home."

Hayate smiled at the Eevee until he finally got up and went to the other side of the room, finally giving Hayate the chance to get up and move around. He started putting his things away along with Jayden, thanking him again as they worked. He would sometimes look back at Silver whenever it cried out, but continued working on putting the rest of the stuff away. It was when he pulled out some kind of black stone with a green gem in the middle, was when he heard knocking. He had almost dropped the stone, but he had luckily caught it, and turned to the door. When Jayden opened it, he sighs as he sets the stone down on the bed when he sees it was the Zororark from the factory. He wondered why he was here, but when Allo mentioned something about his brother, his ears perked up as he stopped in place, thinking to himself. 'Wait....he met my brother?!'

"Regardless, nice to see you two." Allo continued, closing the door. "I'm sure you remember your experience from the now forgotten time, Hayate. After all, your presence here partially proves it."

"Not exactly," Jayden said, pulling the drawer out and letting Silver out. He shook and went back to Hayate's side. "I met Hayate and made friends with him before we noticed XANA being active. Trust me. We were going to be buddies anyway." Jayden grinned confindently in that statement.

"I see..." Allo smiled with a nod. "Hayate, you have any questions?"

Hayate tilted his head for a moment to think, then looked down at Silver, petting him again with a small smile. He then turned to Allo after another moment, and nods his head. "I do have a few questions.....Why is XANA doing whatever it can to kill us? Why was such a terrible thing created to begin with?"

Allo listened and thought about it. "Well...from the records we found in the factory, XANA was actually meant to be that super computer's AI program and security monitor. Multiple time rewinds caused it to become self aware.As he became self aware more and more, he learned that there were people who feared him as the invention of his creator. He gain a hatred for us because we wanted to shut him down permanently...and he had to power to stop us from doing so. Learning that the world is full of pokemon, he wants to destroy the world, now whether he dies with us or not.

Hayate looks down, speaking quietly to himself. " started doing this due to wanting to stay activated....How cruel..."

Jayden picked up on bits and pieces of the silent speech, but he simply replied with a " it started with us...well shit." Jayden sat back. "From personal defense to genocidal intentions...that's radical.”

Hayate's eye color changed to red as his eyes became slitted, his now, light green aura blazing around him. "What that thing selfish...If that damned thing is so intent on living, it should at least have the mindframe to come up with another way to keep itself well guarded and safe, not destroy everyone in this goddamned planet!.....Nani Ka!!" Hayate lifts his head for awhile, before he closes his eyes, and lowers it again "....Gr..." Hayate clenches his fists in irritation and anger, yet as moments pass by, his blazing aura dies down a bit, but he begins to tremble.

Jayden watched and listened to Hayate. Allo noticed his eyes and was surprised, his eyes changing like Jay's, becoming a light blue. After Hayate spoke, Jayden simply put an arm around him, hugging him close, then sighs. "To be honest...god knows how long he's been doing this," Jayden said, unsure if Allo had an answer. "All I know is this. He wants us dead, I don't feel like dying and I like the way to world is now. If he wants us dead, we're just going to have to kill him first. Simple as that.”

Hayate's eyes widen in surprise when he felt the arm around him, and his trembling stopped as he listened to Jayden. After Jayden was done speaking, Hayate's eyes reterned to it's light green color, and his pupils becomes round again. Once his aura had died down completely, and Hayate was calm again, he sighs as he nods his head in silence. Looks like he had no choice but to take XANA down if they wish to achieve peace. The only way that will happen is if he becomes much more stronger that he can defend himself, and that he can protect loved ones. He'll do whatever it takes to protect everyone. Even if it costs him everything...

Allo smiled, seeing this. "I'm surprised, never grow this close to people...especially on the first day of meeting them." Jayden smiled and blushed some, looking to the side. This was true. Jayden was actually more of the loner kind of pokemon, but he felt a connection with Hayate, especially since he was kind to him.

"I guess you can say one act of kindness deserves another. Hayate's very kind to me. He doesn't and hasn't made fun of me in any way, and I really do appreciate that fact." I nod with a smile. "But true enough, I don't make friends so easily, so it is a change...but it's a healthy one, right?"

"Right," Allo nodded with a smile. "Rather you able to make friends willingly than be a bitter student with a cold heart." Jayden simply rubs his neck and sat back. "You know...if I didn't know any better, I'd say we are related seeing how you guys got along so fast." He chuckled.

Hayate tilts his head to the thought." Related huh...." It might seem true, they have gotten along quite well, despite the fact that Jayden isn't really the friendly type, which was a surprise to Hayate. But he was quite happy that he had become friends with Jayden in such a short time, that his tail swayed left and right slowly. Hayate gives out a small smile as he thinks to himself.

"I'm gonna say no." Jayden said, shaking his head. He had a slight smile, but also a slight hesitation. After all, in the same species line always means it's a potenial relative. He didn't simply say it was true and would move on, however. "I mean, sure, there's a chance, but it's slimmer than the tip of my spike!"

"Yet, you guys have a few similarities. Both of you prefer solitude, are quiet and reserve...and that's all I know...I'm sure more similarities will arise though." Allo chuckled.

"If you're saying he's potentially our cousin, then it's possible, but no one would know it." Jayden said, trying to drop the subject.

"Alright. Alright. I'm just messing with you guys. Still, you guys do seem like brothers if I didn't know better." Allo said. Jayden smiled and shook his head.

Hayate shook his head to get back to reality. The thought of actually being closely related really seemed interesting, but what Jayden had said was true. The chances of that being true is very slim. He unstraps the wooden katana from his back, and hangs all three wooden katana's on the wall, horizontally. He then, puts his extra clothes in his drawer, putting his Ocarina, and training tablet on top of the drawer. Next, he takes out a small picture frame of him, his Brother, and Sister, with his mother and father in the background, smiling at the 3. They seemed to be around some kind of beach, due to seeing some sand under the parents, and the sea behind them. With a small smile, he sets that down next to his Ocarina, and continues searching his bag.

Jayden gets up and sits on the Bed. Silver seems to be casually roaming the room without a care, rubbing against everyone as he walked. This was his way of him making sure we knew he was still there since we weren't paying much attention to him. "So Hayate..." Allo said with a grin. "Ever been in an illusion?"

Jayden heard the question and snapped to Allo. "What are you doing.."

Hayate blinked, and turned to Allo, confused. He takes a moment to think. "...I have never been caught in an illusion....What are you getting at?..."


As you turned towards him his eyes turned a greenish shade all over rather than only his pupils. "Let's get to know each other a little better..." The moment you blinked, the room was gone. You found yourself in a forest clearing that was resoundingly peaceful. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot, there was a gentle breeze. There weren't any structures around; it's just the natural beauty of the forest. However, it was just you and Allo, who, in your vision, rose out of his Wheelchair and smiled at you, sitting in front of you. Jayden was no where to be seen. "As I said, my name's Allo Cross. You've already met little Jayden, but I have a sister as well. Only in my illusions am I not bounded to that's a relief for me." He smiled. "Shall we walk?"

Hayate looks around in awe at what he sees. It takes him a few moment to finally process what had just happened, but his eyes widens when he had seen Allo out of the wheelchair. "?!" He closes his eyes and relaxes, lowering his head as he feels the gentle breeze, his long bandana and fur flowing with the wind. He opens his eyes once more, not lifting his head, when he heard Allo speak to him. He smiled when he said that it was a relief to him to be in a place where he won't be stuck to a chair, but his smile soon went away when he realized that illusions don't last very long...There will be a time when they'll have to get back to reality. Hayate lifted his head a little, looking up at Allo as he asked him to go for a walk, and Hayate nods slowly, silent.

Allo began walking. "Though I can generate these domains, they're only as effective as my power can withstand. Anyway, I want you to know that Jayden wasn't always this nice. As a child, fighting was his forte just to survive school. *he formed a memorial illusion, showing on a "screen" Jayden as a Riolu. "Almost on a daily basis, he was fighting either because his eyes, or his fight generated lack of respect. He knew how to respect others, but he chose not to feeling they wouldn't reciprocate. School to school we went as my dad worked. The main reason he excelled was cause of home schooling from a private tutor. For a while, his only friends were the tutor and the family. After coming here though, that changed." Allo looked up. "He has issues, for sure, but I hope you can look around them."

Hayate nods his head, his expression going from surprised to worried. He never knew that he had that much of a hard time, and over something so insignificant like his constantly changing eye color...Why would anyone have a problem with that? Hayate himself, thinks that its actually quite interesting. His eyes would do the same, but only if he were to feel a strong emotion like anger. Plus, his eyes were the only one's in the family that would do that. At least, he thinks so...Hayate turns his head to Allo when he said to look around Jayden's issue's. "The other pokemon at the previous schools...I don't know how they can be so cruel to Jayden, just because his eyes are unique..." Hayate looks up at the sky as well. "...This world is so filled with pain and sadness....It just...Aggrivates me!..." His eye pupils become slitted as he growls. But with a deep breath, he manages to relax again, his eyes turning back to normal, and he says with a sigh, "...I think I had been around my brother too much.... but regardless...I hope things continue to go well and get better for Jayden..."

Allo put a paw on his head. "Shhh...relax...things are going to get better for him. Things have gotten better for him and me. The same thing happened to me, and now it seems Jayden followed in my footsteps. Make a statement of why not to fight him over something so frivolous.  I always wondered why people always hated seeing change. Seeing things different than what they're use to. It always generates undesired emotions...fear, anger,'s honestly predictable now..." Allo sighs and looks up. "The eyes were of a hereditary trait of my dad. Normally, something like that wouldn't be passed down, but, surprise surprise, all of us have it. My dad , my sister, me, and of course Jayden. Personally, I find it pretty cool to have eyes that change with your emotions...I just wish this. They wouldn't of fought him when he was at such a critical tipping point in his life."

Hayate's eyes widen a little when he felt Allo's paw on his head, and he turned to Allo as he continued to listen. "It...all doesn't make sense to me either...Change is BOUND to happen, whether they like it or not...and I won't just fight anyone just because they're different. Everyone is different in their own way, and it's those differences that make us Pokémon so special..." Hayate gently places a paw on Allo's paw while it's still on his head. "The only differences between Jayden and you, and most pokemon is that your eyes and personalities are unique...Only 2 differences." Hayate looks up to the sky, his long bandana flowing behind him. "It doesn't give anyone a right to hate you for being...'Special'...think about it." Hayate turns to Allo. "You're still a pokemon right? You can still feel anger and and happiness, right?" Hayate's expression turns serious. He has never spoken...THAT much before, but it is just something he had to let out. Hearing how cruel other pokemon can be over something so stupid really got to Hayate.

Allo was about to remove his paw but felt Hayate's paw on his and proceeded. "Well you wouldn't see it their way because you're unique yourself. Heck, I don't see it their way either. From my understanding, one person with ill intentions did something to control the minds of the ignorant and target them at Jayden, and that's how it all theory. Change is something that I think is simply hard to accept for some people. It has to be a certain way for them to remain happy with it. True enough, everyone is different, but when you're different in a way no one understands, war is cried for it seems. Calm your emotions, Hayate. I'm not the target. I too went through the same thing Jayden did...with better results, though. However, Jayden's hatred towards the world isn't wrong. Just...misplaced...but that's a story for another day." He looked down to Hayate as he asked. "Of course I feel joy and pain. It'd be unnatural not to. I'm not emotionally deprived...I think perhaps we're taking this a bit too far.

After some time, Jayden, who was in the forest as well, met you all in the mental forest illusion. For an illusion it was well thought out.

Hayate looks down. "Sorry if we are...But...At least I know why everyone seemed so surprised at first, plus I have another reason to do my best to get stronger to protect him if it comes down to that...Although, I am rather small, and only my speed and kicks are my only 2 and best weapons...but-?!" His ears twitch a little as he slowly turns his head to his right, seeing Jayden as he walked towards the 2. A smile slowly grew in Hayate's face, and with a sudden dash, he hugged Jayden tightly. He then opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out.

Allo was about to reply, but when he saw you and Jay together, he simply smiles and sighs. He snapped his fingers and formed his chair, sitting back in it. "Let's go ahead and head back into the real world." He focuses and soon the world, returns to normal. Allo in his chair, Jayden on his bed, and you on the floor. Silver was at Jayden's side, curled up and watching. "It's nice to get to know you a bit better, Hayate...and don't worry. The conversation will remain between the three of us." He nodded reassuringly.

"Wait, I barely heard any of it," Jayden stated. "What happened?"

Allo simply smirks. "I or Hayate will fill you in on that later. Right now, though, I must depart. I have an appointment, you see." Allo began rolling to the door.

"Alright," Jayden said. "See you bro." With a quick wave back. Allo opened the door and rolled on out of the room.

Hayate simply crossed his legs while on the floor, and he just waved to Allo in silence as he left the room. With a sigh, Hayate stands back up, and looked around for a moment. Then Hayate starting digging through his bag once again. He had realized that he wasn't done packing just yet.

Jayden stretched and shot out of his bed, having fully waken up from the illusion. "Right then..." he said, focusing his power to his paw. HIs aura shined around his paw brightly as he focused, trying to lift one of the items with psychic. He successfully lifted the shirt out of the bag, but then stopped, dropping it back in and holding his head. He growled to himself, having hurt his head from that amount of focus. "Damn...not enough..."

Hayate had taken out a pair of long wristbands, but just before looking back in, he notices the shirt floating out of the bag, and Hayate looks on, wide-eyed and surprised. However, he tilts his head when he sees the shirt suddenly stop, then fall back down in the bag. Hayate blinks several times, but he had heard Jayden's growl and he turned quickly, standing up straight. "?!....Are you alright....?!"

Jayden nods, rubbing his head. "Yes, I'm fine. I'm just trying to use psychic. Didn't go as well as I planned it to." He takes a deep breath, centering himself and his aura. "Maybe if I try again...." He lifts his paw calmly and focused on the shirt again, lifting it up once again. This time, he succeeded in moving it into the drawer, but he still had a slight headache after. He simply laid back, taking a breath. "I recently learned it...I need to learn how to use it..."

Hayate blinked. "....You...learned psychic? I can probably-?!..." Hayate then thinks to himself for a moment. If Jay is having a bit of trouble using a move like that, he might have a plan that helps him have better control. Just gotta meet up with Hayate's mother...but not now. "N-nevermind...." It's already getting late, and fatigue is starting to grow on Hayate. He yawns as he searches his bag for a sheet and his small blanket. 

Jayden, after a moment of rest, sat up and got out of the bed and walks over. He began assisting by hand, putting clothing and things he put to the side away in their according locations. He didn't mind this at all. He smiles and keeps helping him, waiting for him to find the sheet.

Hayate blinks when he pulls out a large, black sheet for the bed,  which has many words written in Japanese in white color. Some of it had said "Peace", "Serenity", "Night" and so forth. Hayate looks back in the bag with a low growl. "That Hiro....He left my blanket at home!...." mumbled Hayate with another low growl.

Jayden looked over to Hayate. "I'm sure retrieving it shouldn't be difficult. After all, tomorrow's Saturday. We don't have school." He emptied out Hayate's bags, putting some things on the dresser for Hayate to deal with later, then sighed. "I do have an extra blanket, so for now, use that tonight, and we'll go get your sheet tomorrow. After all..." he grins. "My mom and sister are coming tomorrow." He wags his tail happily before returning to his bed. Silver, meanwhile, hops onto the work desks, laying down next to one of Jay's device.

Hayate starts covering the bed with the sheet he took out, a small smile forming after seeing Jay's tail wagging. "Your sister and mother huh...Sounds nice for them to visit Sensei!" His smile grew slightly as he turned around to face Jayden. Then something else caught his eye. He looked back at the dresser to see the stone tablet (Training Tablet) sitting there. The more he looked at it, the more he felt tempted to start sword training with that stone regardless of his fatigue. 

Jayden smiled strong until he looked into a portrait. In it was 3 Lucario, each of various age, and 2 Zoroark, one standing and one in a wheelchair. As he stared though, his tail stopped wagging. He simply looked at the portrait and sighed. " would be..." he said in a much more solemn tone. His eyes changed from yellow to blue...a dark blue. He went to the window and looked out. "But to be honest...I just wanna have time with my dad. He's always working. Always traveling...I rarely get to see him, though. I really wish I could see him more often than just...well...1 week a year." It's obvious that it really bums him out.

Hayate snapped out of it when he felt depressing energy flowing from Jayden's aura, and he quickly turned around to face him."S-sensei?..." Hayate then, walked over slowly to stand by Jayden, listening to him talk about his father. It seems like work really has a way of getting in the way of family..."I'm sorry to hear that...I'm sure your father is trying his hardest to make more time to see you, and keep a job..." Hayate looks down, staring at the Ocarina, now in his paws. He wished there was a way to help Jayden spend more time with his father, but he can't do much right now. With a sigh, Hayate moves the Ocarina closer to his face, and the mouth piece moves gently against Hayate's lips.

Jayden looked over to Hayate, then back out the window. Sure he could call his dad and talk to him, but he rarely can hang out with him and enjoy himself. Though he trusted Hayate, he didn't want to tell him just who his dad was. He was the CEO of a huge company known as CrossVee, known for creating multiple products in various fields of engineering, whether for Aviation, Electrical, Biomedical, Mechanical, Agricultural, and more. He couldn't tell Hayate that. If he knew, he'd know about Jay's luxurious background, then questions would arise. That was the last thing he needed. Next thing Jayden knew, he saw the ocarina out of the corner of his eye.

Hayate takes a deep breath, his dark blue aura flowing around him. Next thing that happens, Hayate gently blows into the Ocarina, and he begins playing a small, soothing melody to start off. To those who can hear it, especially the one playing it, they could feel the atmosphere around them lose it's intensity. Its like peace is starting to flow throughout the room. Hayate wanted Jayden's mind to be at ease, so hopefully this might help him a little. He hated seeing sad faces, especially those types of faces on friends... He would do whatever it took to see those smiles again...  He wants to be a more helpful friend, someone who can comfort others when they feel sadness, and a great comrade who will always serve to protect others in the midst of a battle. 

Jayden listens. The effect worked better than expected. He closed his eyes and purrs calmly, sitting, then laying down on the floor from just simply being relaxed. He wags his tail below him as  he purred from the playing. He was unintentionally showing off the fact that he was still a kid and still really young. He closed his eye and relaxed. He  might as well be an overgrown Riolu from how he looked. His eyes were yellow and his aura was very serene right now. The plan obviously succeeded.

Hayate breaths out after his last note, slowly opening his eyes, which glew dimly as he had done so, and his tail behind him swaying left and right. He then blinked when he had seen Jayden laying on the floor, and he giggled a bit, sitting down on the floor as well, next to his bed. He gently set the Ocarina on his bed, and turned back around with his legs crossed, sitting with a small smile on his face. He was relieved to see Jayden more relaxed, and less tense then he was before. Then, as he gently closed his eyes once again, he spoke softly. "....Jayden....You can speak to me if you feel hurt...I will do what I can to help you. If you feel sadness, I can ease your pain again with another tune if you like. If you feel like you're in danger, I can watch your back." As he continued, he gently place a paw on his own chest. "....Although I'm small...weak...and a bit...Anti-Social...It won't change how I feel....You became my first friend on my first day of school... You even protected me from a attack from 'him'....I really felt relieved...and a bit happy...." Hayate's smile grew a little. "...I want to be a friend you can trust...Someone who can you out, no matter the odds..." He crossed his heart again like he did before, then he suddenly grew silent. Today has been an interesting day. Hayate has been talking a bit too much throughout the day, now that he thought about it...He may have said too much this time. He suddenly opens his eyes, and gets up to sit on his bed, as he looks away sheepishly.

Jayden looked over, listening. He nodded to the fact that he had Hayate to speak to now and that he was willing to help him. He sat up and leaned back against the bed, listening. His tail swayed as Hayate spoke, glad to have a friend like him and now knowing it was wise to accept him as a dormmate. He was surprised to hear that the friendship developed so quickly. "Perhaps our auras connected to the point that we trust each other as brothers." he thought to himself, not minding that fact at all. As Hayate finished, he pulled himself up and went to his drawer. 

"Thank you," I started. "To be honest, before I got here, the only friends I had were my brother and my sister, and for a long time my brother! I got here I was...bitter and mean and cold, but as time passed it got better. Much better, even. I made friends with the guys that go with me to Lyoko. I haven't made many other friends, maybe one or two, besides that. You're different. The others it took some time, but I meet you on the first day and we're already good friends. My only hope is it stays that way and we continue to work together and help each other with our issues. No need to be embarrassed for speaking your mind. After all, some, like me, can be interested in your feelings and want you to be comfortable sharing them. After all, we're dormmates now. We should get use to each other's company." He gathered some clothing. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go ahead and take a shower." He then walked towards the restroom.

Hayate slowly looked over to Jayden, and smiled slightly as he spoke. When he seen Jayden grab extra clothes, he nods his head, and sighs. "Okay then, Sensei."

Jayden, on that note, disappeared into the restroom. The sound of water running lasted for about 10-15 minutes until it finally stopped. 5 minutes later, Jay came out with simply some shorts. He sat down, letting the furry "vest" air dry, running his paw through it, as well as using the towel. "The shower's yours now." he said as an after thought.

Hayate was sitting down on his bed as he waited, his extra set of clothes right beside him. He got up when he Jayden walked through the bathroom door, and he nods his head as he quickly walked past him to enter the bathroom.

Jayden goes over to his bookshelf and pulls out one of his black books and starts reading them, studying

The water was heard running for exactly 12 minutes before the water turned off. 4 minutes later, Hayate walks out of the bathroom, wearing what seemed to be black pants with the left leg cut short. It was long on one side, short on the other, and a white T-shirt. When he walked over to his bed to sit down, his head fur was still kinda wet, and laid backwards. When he shook his head quickly though, it quickly became wild, however, Hayate had not noticed yet.

Jayden's fur was pretty much just as wild. He giggled when he saw Hayate's fur though. "Heheh...nice fur." He grinned with a chuckle.

Hayate blinked before he felt his own head. With 2 more blinks, he tried to get his fur to lay back and become 'less wild', but his efforts had only been in vain. His head fur went back to being wild again and Hayate just sat there, pouting for a bit. Next thing he knew, he found himself giggling at it as well.

Jayden laughs more and shakes his head, rubbing his as well. He knew his was messy as well and he couldn't say much to Hayate. He chuckled and sits back, rubbing a paw through his fur on his damp chest, letting it air dry. He was fine until he felt a breeze from the A/C unit hit him the wrong way and he shivered a little. "Whooo okay that's cold..." he shakes casually, causing  his fur to become even more wild looking.

Hayate layed down on his back, laughing along with Jayden. He spreads his arms out as he closed his eyes to finally relaxed, feeling the breeze from the A/C, and he smiled, feeling the cool air blow through his slightly wet fur. When he heard shivering across from him, he looked up to see Jayden's fur becoming more wild than before, and he blinked a few times before chuckling a little.

Jayden, getting use to it, simply let it flow through, wanting to dry off. Once that was accomplished, he laid back down, wanting to go to sleep. "I'll see you in the morning, buddy."

Hayate nodded his head with a small smile as he turned to face the wall, curling up into a ball. He then yawned as he hugged his small, panda pillow, closing his eyes as he felt himself slowly drifting off to sleep. "Goodnight sensei..."

Jayden realized something...he forgot to get the light. With a groan, he got up and noticed something else. Though Hayate had a sheet, he didn't have a cover. He didn't want to say too much, seeing he wanted to sleep to, so he slid on a shirt and put on some shoes. He grabs his dorm key, turns on his lamp, and turns off the main light before exiting the room quietly and locking it. He went on downstairs to the dorm master.

Hayate was already have asleep when Jayden left the room. Once the light was turned off, he rested his head on his pillow as he turned around, his eyes closed. He hadn't notice Jayden's absence yet.

"Excuse me, ma'am. Sorry for bugging you so late but I need sheets. My dormmate's sleep and I wanna make sure he has them." Jayden requested. The request was quickly filled and Jayden got a cover with the Kadic colors and insignia on it. he took it upstairs and back to the dorm, carefully entering the room once again, this time locking it to stay inside. He crept over to Hayate's bed, unfolding the cover and draping it over him as accurately as he could on the first time, which wasn't that bad. He smiled, nodding to himself before going to his bed. He may of woken up from the slight adjustment to the weight on top of him, but Jay imagined he'd be thankful either way.


Hayate moved his head a little, gently opening one eye very slighty, looking down to see the blanket over him. With a small smile, he silently went back to sleep, curling up once again. He hid the bottom half of his face with the cover.


Jayden smiled and hopped into his bed and pulled the sheets up. He laid down and sighed, getting comfortable before he started to doze off.


Hayate remained in deep sleep, turning his body to the direction of the wall while sleeping silently.


Jayden and Hayate: Meet, Greet, Bond Part 3

This is Jay and Hayate's first meeting together. If you read, you see it kicked off very well. ^^

Literature: 2 Points
RP Length: 18152 Words - 100 Points

I am moved by this… please. 

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