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Bryce Ricarchu
Bryce Ricarchu:
-I am the son of a Raichu(mom) and Lucario(dad).
-I was born into a family/clan of assassins. My dad, the leader, is one of the deadlies. I'm highly trained, but there are still plenty of better ones.
-My skills come from a book that I have to study, just to survive. I read, try, master, then use in real combat.
-Side note: Thanks to my mom, I know Electro Ball. Nobody will see that coming.
-I am the youngest of 3 brothers which are both pikachu and lucario from SSBB.
-My family bloodline has caused me to have extraordinary abilities that I shouldn't(even I can't explain it).
-I excel at instinct usage but I also get in predicaments...ALOT.
-I have a harsh personality when I'm mad(seriously don't piss me off/You'll be sorry).
-Don't hurt my friends or my family(you've been warned).
Rez Akuzi
-I am a born assassin of the Isoba clan.
-I lost my home when I was 3 to invaders, then I trained with my parents and my brother as we moved from city to city nomadically
-My parents wanted my brother and I to go to Tao Village to get stronger and join a guild, but since my mom was a Rogue, and my dad a Rescuer, the decision wasn't easy. Ultimately, we chose Rescuer.
-My brother and I trained with Master Shao when I was in Snowy Village.
- Made friends with a few pokemon, then found a home, a new base.
Ishi Humora:
Xbox Live: xB1ackAssasinx
SSBB Code: 2536-2440-0364
3DS: 2836 - 0130 - 0129
Tomodachi Life Island Address: 471-70 Mango Isles Broccoli Ocean
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Well...that was worth it

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 16, 2015, 10:21 AM
Howdy Everyone! How ya doin'?

Okay, so recently, I just got back from my college's, Texas A&M University, freshman camp, where they teach us all the traditions and various yells done at Football games. What I will say is that we did a lot of yelling. It was confusing at first, since no one knew them, but after that, it got really really fun. The unfortunate part of all that yelling is that I lost my's slowly returning, but I'm hoping for it. It made me feel better to see that the couselors were also yelling with us and lost their voices. I was wondering how they hadn't lost it in prior sessions...

Regardless, I want to let you guys know that next week, I'm gonna be moving into college. I'm nervous, yes, but I think I'm gonna have a good time there. A lot of things here will stop, unfortunately, unless I can pass the responsibility to another, but I will keep it going for as long as I possibly can.

  • Mood: Optimism

Ever Play Russian Roulette? 

7 deviants said No
6 deviants said Yes, but I lost. (Wait, how are you...)
3 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said My spot (Do not Choose)
1 deviant said What's Russian Roulette?


Sep 4, 2015
7:25 am
Aug 30, 2015
12:31 pm
Aug 29, 2015
6:39 pm
Aug 29, 2015
6:07 pm
Aug 29, 2015
12:22 am


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